Washington Nationals Baseball Game

Ticket Information:

Tickets for apprentices go on sale on July 16th

One ticket for $20.00

Two tickets for $30.00

Limit two tickets per apprentice

Tickets go on sale for Alumni on August 3rd

Additional tickets go on sale on August 24th

Bus leave from the Apprentice School athletic field at 9am , there will be a stop at Potomac Mills on the way up.

The game starts at 4:05. The charter bus must be to the parking by 2pm when gates open, we are allowing in our trip schedule anytime for traffic and stops on the way. The game should be over around 7pm and will be atleast a 3 hour drive back. 

***If you are not riding the bus you must pick up your actual ticket to the game from either Mrs. McLean or Mrs. Jarrett on the third and  fourth floor of the Apprentice School. The week prior to the game.***

Seats are in section 136 Rows V-Z