Join the ASSA

Are you interested in joining the Apprentice School Student Association (ASSA)?

The ASSA works to build strong ties within our community and our school. We volunteer our time to help those within our community. We also work to give the apprentices at our school new experiences and fun events. If this sounds like a fun time to you please contact the Class Chair Alma Cochran or your craft instructor for more information.

The ASSA works together to get things done, but we have committees to help divide some of the work. Please check out our committees so you might know where you want to focus your efforts.

Activities Committee¬† (Chair Jessica Lawson) plans most of the “big” events for the apprentice school. This committee helps decide what major league sporting events we attend, helps to plan outings such as Dave and Buster’s, as well as family friendly activities.

Athletics Committee (Chair Chris Frenz) is in charge of recreational sports for apprentices, such as soccer, softball and perhaps new sports. They also volunteer at sporting events, such as the football “ball boy”. Athletics is also in charge of food for delegate meetings and inventory events.

Bylaws Committee (Chair Kevin Garner) is in charge of keeping the ASSA constitution and bylaws up to date and to ensure that we follow these rules and regulations so that we can ensure that the mission of the ASSA is being met.

Class Committee (Chair Alma Cochran) tracks volunteer points for ASSA delegates, attendance at delegate meetings, and is in charge of ASSA officer elections. This helps to ensure that all members are fully participating in the ASSA and so that our top point earners will be rewarded.

Communications Committee (Chair EMPTY) helps to reach out to apprentices through emails and the website. This job is important in keeping apprentices informed because of our unconventional school system.

Public Relations Committee (Chair Nakeya Spencer) is in charge of all charitable activities that the ASSA participates in. Whether it is building playgrounds or having a dance party for special needs scouts, this

Volunteer Committee (Chair Billie Kloc) looks for opportunities for the ASSA to volunteer within the community. They set up dates to help feed the homeless, help the city with events, and other activities where the main focus is giving your time back to your community.

Yearbook Committee (Chair Precious Brown) publishes the yearbook that each graduate gets when they finish their time. They tirelessly assemble each and every page for perfection so that the graduates have a incredible reminder of their time at the Apprentice School.