Our purpose shall be to provide an organization for the promotion of student activities, to provide a means of support for such activities, to encourage and develop leadership skills in its members, to foster an atmosphere of community service, and to transact all other business of general interest to the Student Body not otherwise provided for.



NAME: Turner Paxton
TRADE: X36, Rigger
RESPONSIBILITIES: The President is responsible for ensuring all elected officers and committee chairpersons are doing their jobs and representing The Apprentice School in a professional manner. The President may also speak at functions or key events.
CONTACT: Turner.Paxton@as.edu

Vice President

NAME: Samuel Shoun
TRADE: X32, Sheet Metal
RESPONSIBILITIES: The Vice President is responsible for ensuring order during Student Council meetings, proper execution of the Constitution & Bylaws, ASSA procedural compliance, organizing Judicial Review boards, and attending functions or key events as needed in the President’s stead.
CONTACT: Samuel.Shoun@as.edu


NAME: Shavonne Watson
TRADE: X33 Painter
RESPONSIBILITIES: The Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records at all official ASSA Student Council and Executive Council meetings to include creating agendas and recording minutes discussions, decisions and voting outcomes.
CONTACT: Shavonne.Watson@as.edu


NAME: Zachary Schwenke
TRADE: O43W, Welding Services
RESPONSIBILITIES: The Treasurer reviews all expenditures, provides regular reports on the financial condition of the ASSA to the Executive Council, Student Council and Apprentice School administration, and is responsible for the semi‐annual inventory of ASSA assets.
CONTACT: Zachery.Schwenke@as.edu